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Junior Coaching at Kawana Tennis Club

Kawana Tennis Club offers quality programs endorsed by Tennis Australia and with Tennis Australia Qualified Coaches. Our priority is quality coaching in a fun, family friendly environment with an emphasis on a team culture and proactive pathways.

Whether your child wants to become the next Roger Federer or Mari Sharapova or whether you just want them to have fun, learn a skill for life and make new friends, we value all aspects of our wonderful sport. We ensure that there is the right program and the right coach for you and your child.

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Junior Private Coaching

Private lessons are suitable for players of any age and standard. We can help you with any or all of the following – technical corrections and adjustments, tactical play and decision making skills, general fitness and movement or perhaps you just want to get back into tennis – we work with you to make sure you get what you need from your lessons.

30mins / Single Session  $40 / 10 Sessions $360

45mins / Single Session $55 / 10 Sessions $500

60mins / Single Session $70 / 10 Sessions $600

group of junior tennis player with a coach

Junior Group Coaching

Junior Group lessons focus on technical skills, footwork and strategy. Throughout the teaching term students will be instructed on the full range of strokes and have the opportunity to test these skills in both rally based drills and point play. Students will be tested on their progress throughout the teaching term. This is useful for player motivation and as an important source of feedback for both the student and the coach.

45mins / 10 weeks / $150

60mins / 10 weeks / $180

90mins / 10 weeks / $250